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Learning Management System

Learning Management System software application that helps you manage all online learning activities. From administration to documentation, course content, training content, tracking and reporting analysis, it’s all possible with a learning management system.
Overall, LMS focuses on providing quality training to learners in the easiest and fastest way. The learning experience with an LMS is similar to the classroom environment, but the fact is that it is a complete online training method.

LMS Cloud

Cloud LMS is available through a third party and is subject to a subscription model. It covers all the features required for training purposes. If you are looking for a flexible e-learning platform to make changes on the go, you should use a self-hosted LMS.
The team that created LMS will take care of all activities such as installing, updating and monitoring the server. The cloud provider also offers free and paid backups, including various upgrades. This cloud-based LMS is scalable so you can choose based on requirements.

Self-hosted LMS 

It is a web application, and it can be sold as a licensed product, on your own server, it allows you to install and manage the platform. Installation, data backup, server update and every activity is your responsibility. If there is a version upgrade, you need to contact the vendor and get the license for the upgrade version.
The main advantage of self-hosted LMS is that the setup is flexible and also good for integration purposes.

Private Cloud LMS 
With LMS private cloud, you will get a secure and private LMS environment as it does not share any resources with companies.

Cloud LMS works with a SaaS model, which involves selecting the service provider, then choosing a free trial option, and then paying for the paid version. Different LMSs offer different pricing options, from these select the plan you want.

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